Sunday, April 17, 2011

unofficial sloodleset 1.2c for SLOODLE 1.2

SLOODLE 1.2 had been released last June. The new feature is the SLOODLE Tracker. See here for further information (Downloads, Installation and Documentation):

Developers who would like to test it under Opensim may want to look at the unofficial sloodleset for OpenSim (Updated Dec. 23, 2011 due to problems with permissions) below:

Warning: The quiz chair does not work yet in this sloodleset. It is still under investigation. Update: quiz chair should work now.

IAR (2.54 MB)

OAR (2.77 MB)

User Documentation for the Tracker

A journal article detailing the use of the tracker by Michael Callaghan entitled Engineering Education Island: Teaching Engineering in Virtual Worlds (2009) is available here

For more info see these threads: (Call for Beta Testers) (Unofficial SLOODLESET 1.2 for OS discussion) (Tracker installation problems)

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