Monday, December 13, 2010

Biblioteca for Open Simulator

There is nothing surprising in these prim objects. Just a lot of shelves.

What is more important are the virtual books. Or the prim boxes with texture of the title pages of freely available online books. The boxes contain a script that open a browser to the website where the books can be read or downloaded.

I used Touch_Url-loader_1232.lsl script from It is licensed under GNU GPL.

Most of the books were published during the Spanish colonial rule over the Philippines. Some are from later periods, that look back at the Spanish colonial era. It is not possible to use prim flip books at this time for these books are very thick.

Preparing a list of books this way is satisfying for exploration by the user (reminded me of going to a real library; i can almost smell the musky books), but tedious for the designer. The books have to be manually built, textured, named, and scripted one by one. I currently have more than 160 links to books about and from the Spanish colonial era. The screenshot above shows only 12. And I have not ordered them properly in any way.

The idea of having a single notecard giver just provide a list of links to the books does not appeal to me, and seems to waste the value of the virtual experience.

Btw. This would be a good place to put a Sloodle metagloss. I'll look into that next time.

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