Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prim steamship for Open Simulator

This prim steamship has 271 prims. It's very rough as I could not get the curved shapes to fit together properly. There is no furnishing and there is very little detail. This ship will not sail, because I could not get boat scripts to work in Open Simulator. It will remain anchored in a port in world.

In relation to teaching the history of the Philippines in the 19th century, I think the steamship is not only useful for discussing technology and transportation but social classes as well. Passengers in steamships are divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes. Each having different amenities.

Doing research on steamships made me realize how little I know about ships and its history. For instance I used to think that these vessels used paddle wheels even in the late 19th century. I found out that they already used propellers. This prim steamship is not accurate. I could not fully comprehend the ship plans I have, and I could not find enough reference on the layout of the interior.

Btw. the word bapor came from the Spanish word vapor, which means steam. In fact there were vapor tranvias in Manila, and the tren can also be considered a bapor.

Download: (593.46)

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