Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notes on building HiFi Stack Manager on Ubuntu 15.04

These notes are on building the High Fidelity Stack Manager on Ubuntu Vivid Vervet. The Stack Manager is the GUI to start and stop the HiFi domain-server and assignment-client. It probably have other functions that I'm not aware of.

Please note that I assume that the domain-server, assignment-client and interface had already been built as noted in the updated post http://matangdilis.blogspot.com/2015/05/notes-on-building-high-fidelity-vr.html .

Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libquazip-qt5-dev libquazip-dev libquazip-headers libquazip-qt5-1 libquazip1 libquazip-doc libqt5widgets5 libqt5gui5 libqt5svg5 libqt5svg5-dev libqt5core5a libqt5network5 libqt5webkit5-dev libqt5webkit5 zlib1g-dev

Download source

mkdir ~/source
cd ~/source
git clone https://github.com/highfidelity/StackManagerQt.git

Type the path of the hifi source directory in /source/StackManagerQt/src/GlobalData.cpp

gedit /source/StackManagerQt/src/GlobalData.cpp

Type in the path of the hifi build directory in line 71

// allow user to override path to binaries so that they can run their own builds
    _hifiBuildDirectory = "/home/myhome/source/compile/";

    _domainServerBaseUrl = "http://localhost:40100";

Build StackManager

mkdir build-sm
cd build-sm
cmake ../StackManagerQt/
make StackManager

StackManager expects the interface and stack manager (domain server & assignment-client) in /home/dilis/.local/share/High Fidelity/
move domain server & assignment-client to /home/dilis/.local/share/High Fidelity/

cp ~/source/build/domain-server/domain-server ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/'Stack Manager'/
cp -R ~/source/hifi/domain-server/resources/web ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/'Stack Manager'/
cp -R ~/source/build/domain-server/resources/describe-settings.json ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/'Stack Manager'/
cp ~/source/build/assignment-client/assignment-client ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/'Stack Manager'/
cp ~/source/build/interface/interface ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/Interface/
cp -R ~/source/build/interface/resources ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/Interface/

Run StackManager

cd ~/source/build-sm/

(the computer needs to be online in first run because it downloads resources.zip and requirements.zip from the hifi public repo)

Start Server

Run assignment

Get content set
(There must be something wrong with what I did, or I'm missing some steps because the content did not appear in the interface. Maybe I need to configure the Stack Manager first.)

Run Interface

Run Interface from ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/Interface/
(one could create a link instead in the Ubuntu menu)

Open a new terminal
cd ~/.local/share/'High Fidelity'/Interface/

(note: I had to start the interface four times because I was still getting the crash errors I noted before in http://matangdilis.blogspot.com/2015/05/notes-on-building-high-fidelity-vr.html)

Click on File>Show address bar
Enter localhost
Then click on the right arrow to connect to the Stack Manager.

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