Saturday, October 2, 2010

Prim train station

This is supposed to be modelled after the Tutuban Station in Tondo Manila, but I did not have any photo reference of the interior or the back. So only the facade is represented. The rest is imaginary. The arches of the second floor is also more curved here due to the need to conserve prims. In terms of teaching, this would be a good starting point for research on the history of architecture in the Philippines. Oh, incidentally, the pagoda like facade appears to have been around the American era due to the addition of the roof above the windows of the second floor. There are historical photos showing the station without it.

I am unable to provide as much detail as the prim count for this station had already balooned to 500 prims. I had to abandon the decorations of the first floor, even the doors. The second floor is mostly texture. But I found out that the best way to create textures is to start with a multiprim object and then take a snapshot of that object. The snapshot is then used as the base texture and edited in the Gimp. (719.58 KB ) (789.54 KB )

 Copyright Roel Cantada 2010
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