Friday, October 29, 2010

Unofficial sloodleset 1.1 iar for Opensim

 This is a sloodleset1.1 for developers and testers of Sloodle in Opensim. Please DO NOT send bug reports to the sloodle developers about this sloodleset. Post your comments here instead and I'll try to address them as best I can.

I am sharing this in the hope that it helps the development of Sloodle in Opensim.

This sloodleset1.1 is based on a comparison of Fumikazu Iseki's mod of sloodleset 1.0 and the sloodleset1.1 at Sloodle Island. The forum discussion on Fumi.Iseki's sloodleset 1.0 is at

How was it made?

I simply exported all the scripts in the Sloodle Island sloodleset1.1 and compared it with all the scripts in Fumi.Iseki's sloodleset1.0. Comparison was done with the Meld Diff Viewer which highlights differences in a side-by-side comparison.

Then I determine whether to update a script to 1.1 or retain Fumi.Iseki's mod. There is no modification of the textures, sounds and mesh. Except for the RegEnroll Booth which had the additional box object for hover text.

As of this post I have not tested all the sloodle objects yet. Please post a comment if you test this, on what works and what does not work.


Note that any reference to line numbers below are based on gedit which starts with 1 rather than 0.

Objects with Changes

Main Concern: WebIntercom

Changed Files:
  • sloodle_translation_webintercom_en
  • sloodle_mod_chat-1.0

Note: I have not retained the mod code in sloodle_mod_chat-1.0 by Fumi.Iseki because I cannot determine how to insert it in the new code. I replaced it with the 1.1 code. Please help evaluate and check this if it works.

RegEnrol Booth

Changed files:
  • sloodle_mod_regbooth-1.0
  • sloodle_setup_notecard

Note: The green hover text that says "Touch me to start web configuration" appears to no longer display.

  • hovertext box object
  • _setText script

    Vending Machine

    Changed files:
    • sloodle_translation_distributor
    • sloodle_mod_distributor-1.0

    • SLOODLE 1.0 Vending Machine (Rev 1) README


      Changed files:
      • modified: sloodle_mod_presenter-2.0
      • sloodle_translation_presenter_en

        Toolbar Giver

        Changed file:
        • get a toolbar

          Objects without Changes

          Quiz Pile-On

          Note:  The following lines are not in Sloodle Island sloodleset1.1. It is not identified as "for OpenSim" in sloodleset1.0 but the file is listed as modified by Fumikazu Iseki in the forum above. I have decided to retain the 1.0 script. Please check.

          Retained 1.0 script:
          • sloodle_quiz_pile_on_choice
          line 46:         llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE);
          line 57:         llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE);

          Lite Toolbar

          • Retained script: sloodle_toolbar_menu_lite

          Note:  Lines 106, 107, 130, and 138 do not exist in 1.1 and not identified "for OpenSim". It is identified by Fumikazu Iseki as a mod file for OS in the forum above. Please check.

          The following objects are retained without modification except changing the name to 1.1.
          • Sloodle Set (cellphone look alike main object)
          • PrimDrop
          • Quiz Chair
          • Choice (Horizontal)
          • Choice (Vertical)
          • LoginZone
          • MetaGloss
          • Password Reset
          • PictureGloss
          • Toolbar (Full)

          If there is anything that I missed please inform me by leaving a comment here.


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          Sloodle Forum tread:


          Iseki said...

          Hi,I'm Iseki.
          You used 'Sloodle sets' thank you.

          I will use the railway scripts that you had introduced the other day.

          And,My OpenSim your railway scripts run to success OpenSim's MagaRegions by 5*5.

          Let's value this meeting.
          Sorry,broken English.

          matangdilis said...

          I'm glad you dropped by Iseki,

          You're sloodleset1.0 release made it possible for us to test sloodle in OpenSim. Thank you.

          I saw the your video about the train the other day here That was better than my test, great work :-).

          Let me just clarify to other readers that the railway script is Nebadon's and can be found here: .

          That remids me I made a slight mod to Nebadon's script but I can't publish it until I clarify the license. The post did not mention it. The mod just allow people to enter vector rotations. I have to look into that again later.

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