Friday, November 5, 2010

Display Moodle 1.99 Glossary/Forum RSS Feed on a Prim in OpenSim

 I found out that there is no need to create a new script for the forum feeds of Moodle 1.99+. The current script below works just fine.

Glossary and Forum RSS feeds on a Prim
I updateD the script to make it easier to format on a prim.


changes (November 5, 2010)
  1. put constants to be manually changed at top of code (font type, size, color etc.)
  2. put a title header for the glossary


I need help on the following

  1. wrap long lines on the prim
  2. select which item to display, so as to have multiple prims showing different items
Download: (2.94KB)

For a minor update to the script please click here

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