Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Open Ryzom on Ubuntu amd 64 Lucid

I've been looking at other 3D worlds this past few days.

I managed to build the ryzom server on Ubuntu GNU/Linux and used the official Ryzom client for GNU/Linux to connect to it. I did not succeed in running the client from source.When I click on the Ryzom link on the applications menu a dialog box states the ff.

Could not launch 'Ryzom'
Failed to execute child process "/usr/local/bin/ryzom_client" (No such file or directory)

So I opened a terminal and  typed ryzom_client but it merely said:

nel_drv_opengl not found

The ryzom official linux client worked but it's menu bar dissappears when the window is moved. The in game menus are at times unresponsive and sometimes freezes. But all in all this is a promising free software.

Ryzom is a full pleged mmorpg. I had never played the game before, but when the world rezzed I 'm impressed. For me the most important visual effect is the animated movement of the avatar. I think it has the same flexibility as the OpenSim avatar. The environment also has a strong visual impact. I think this would be a good platform to create history games. But the code is massive and would require a lot of study. The compiled code is around 11 gigabytes, and the official client is around 6 gig. 

I think this is a project the free software community should support.


acemtp said...


I'm Vianney from the Ryzom team.
Thank you for testing Ryzom on Linux.

We don't really understand what is the problem, it's the first time we hear it.

Feel free to report it on our forum with more details/screenshot on or in the chat on #ryzom on freenode.

matangdilis said...

Hi Vianney,

Thanks for leaving a comment and the invite to the forum/chat. I will try to report after more tests. I have actually connected only once to the server. Additional info is that I am on a amd 64 lucid with an nvidia 9500 gt card.

May I also say that I was really wonderfully surprised that it even worked after following the build and config docs carefully. There's just too many steps and too many files to mod for a noob. A lot of mistakes could happen.

The docs info on connecting to the server should be updated though, because of the release of the official linux client. And noobs (like me) who try this should know that there is no need to create an account for the first connection. If you type a username and pass it will be registered in the database and you'll just have to restart the client and log-in. More info on logging in the first time should be added.

Great work on the core Vianney. I hope the ryzom core community become as strong as the Blender and Moodle community.

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